Data Processing & Management Services

Modern businesses produce large volumes of various types of data from various sources. In order to be able to derive optimum benefits from this information, organisations need to process it in a cost and time efficient manner. In today’s world data processing and management is a critical activity for any organisation to achieve the right business decisions
Essentially, any organisation needs to be able to address the four major areas of concern when it comes to data, for effective day to day operations.
Are you getting all the data you need?
Is the data accurate, and in the right format for access?
Do you know where all your data is stored?
Do the current software applications enable you to access data easily?
Our proven expertise across domains gives us the edge when it comes to data processing and management. Hence, the benefits of working with Ascon are:
Domain Expertise
Best in class technology and processes
Uncompromising data security
Skilled data entry professionals
Cost effective
We can help you process and manage your data effectively, backed by a team of data entry specialists conversant with all the prescribed processes and technologies, who will provide you with error-free and cost effective data management services.
Our Data processing and management services include:
Data Maitenance
Our team will take over your 'Data Maintenance' task beginning with the 1st step of data collection, processing, access/retrieval and storage/retention.
Data Entry
We can ensure error free and speedy data entry into any format required and efficiently extract and process information for critical business decisions.
Data Processing
We can help process information for your organisation on a daily and even hourly basis to aid critical decision making with the assurance that your data is in safe hands.
Data Conversion
As a leading provider of data conversion services, we can ensure that you have access to the right flow of information in the required format, whenever you need to access it.
Data Mining
Our data mining services will enable you to capture the data that you need from any physical or electronic documents and later process it into a consistent and usable format.
Data Cleansing
Our experts also help cleanse or scrub existing data, checking on unfinished records thus preventing duplicates or invalid entries.
New Database Creation
We can build a database from scratch, help manage and enhance your current database, and even integrate your database with internal and external data sources.