Other Services

In general, the Business Process Outsourcing is defined as the process of handling business activities on behalf of your company or business by hiring another company.
Few other Services we offer are:
Human Resource Services
Web Design and other IT related services
Human Resource Services:
HR activities such as pay-roll administration, training and development, record keeping, performance appraisal records, human resource policy clarification etc. are all people intensive activities which involve a lot of time and energy. Such activities are repetitive and routine in nature. Therefore the companies with an intent to concentrate on their core activities outsource these HR activities.
Outsourcing some or all of your HR management to us will allow you to focus more on business development and save money in the long run. Our various HR Services include:
Payroll Administration including handling tax issues, leave with wages, sick leave etc
Employee Benefits: Health, Medical, Group Medical, Life, 401(k) plans etc.
HR Management includes recruitment, induction, PMS, training & development, exit interviews, resignation and relieving
Procedures, employee travel plans etc.
Employees' Background Verification
Employees' Grievance Handling & Welfare Activities
Web Design and other IT related Services
We also provide solutions with regard to various IT related services. We have several years of experience delivering information solutions to our clients, transforming our customer businesses to success stories and making them efficient and profitable. We partner with our customers to identify, conceptualize and realize solutions for their technology initiatives. Our solution are modular and robust in nature.
Our team consists of world-class engineers and designers. Our capabilities in this field relate to:
Web design
Web development
Content management
CRM development
Implementation of CRM and development of secific tools for the same
We have the highest project implementation success rate in the industry measured by:
Accuracy of delivered solutions
Timeliness of delivery
Adherence to budgets
Acceptance by our customers
Client Satisfaction