Ascon Advantage

It is one of the fastest growing business process outsourcing companies: Ascon 24x7 is growing at a faster growth rate than the Industry itself! As one of the long term players in the BPO market we have invested in various state-of-the infrastructure and human resources, and believe in raising the bar of client satisfaction project after project. Hence, our clients are able to acquirea sense of assurance and peace of mind knowing that there will be no disruption / interruption in any services provided by us..
The involvement of the Senior Management team irrespective of the size of the business is a key to our success. The think-tank comprising of experts in the various business functions and Industries work on each and every client continuously to deliver the desired results to completion.
We give a 100 % attention to each and every client and are completelyfocussedon the strategic and operational details at every stage of the project to deliver optimum results.
We are continuously adding value to the client’s business by focusing on the strategic and operational aspects of their business processes. The focus is always on long term growth as opposed to short term profitability, which cannot be sustainable in a business venture, and to partner with a client and create a win-win situation.
We believe in investing in technology, research and human resources heavily to provide cutting edge solutions to our clients & business partners.
Few feather’s in our cap:
We have Domain knowledge acquired over 17 years across the sector
We played a critical role in the success of an MNC Bank’s foray into direct banking
The Model we established has been replicated globally
We have expanded partnerships with various processes across industries:
Outbound BPO for Telemarketing and Tele Sales
Inbound & Outbound for Customer Services & Support
Outbound for Collections
Product Information & Catalogue Sales

Core Competence: We generate revenue while delivering a superior customer experience

Customer engagement:
Customer engagement and generating revenue through finding, procuring and retaining customers are some of our key competencies. Our expertise lies in analyzing, assessing and defining a customer engagement strategy for our clients and enabling them to achieve high value interactions at every stage of the customer’s lifecycle, while improving their experience.
A Customer engagement strategy for client is tailor-made (customized) based on the experience that a client intends to provide to his customers every time a customer interacts with the brand. We can engage with customers during Acquisition, Support and Renewal. Our solutions focus on maximizing revenue and improving customer experience throughout every stage of the engagement process. We believe every interaction is the start of a lifetime relationship. We can assist companies/brands at all stages of their customer journey 24/7/365. Our expert customer service personnel aided by state-of-the-art infrastructure and processes can handle millions of customer interactions in multiple locations and multiple languages across the world for both business-business and business-consumer companies. Higher customer loyalty is a result of well engineered customer engagement strategy. We partner with our client’s to provide the best customer experience reflecting the culture/technology/quality perceptions of the brand / company. We understand that customer experience is the product of brand promise and we align the customer engagement processes to deliver the brand promise.
Ascon has always delivered high value customer interactions at every stage of the customer’s life cycle.
Revenue Generation:
Revenue Generation is the cornerstone of our customer engagement strategy. We help our clients to acquire new customers, sell more products and services, and gain a share of the wallet and share of the market throughout the customer lifecycle. The right support experience builds loyalty and creates a trusted advisor relationship that opens the door for cross sell and up sell recommendations. Our Customer service personnel are well trained in Cross selling, Up selling, Referrals and other techniques for maximizing customer revenues.